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Medical Device Marketing Insights is a blog all about the lessons I have learned over a 30-year career commercializing Medical Devices. Sharing these lessons with you is my way of paying it forward. Hopefully you will not make the same mistakes that I have by gaining some insight from my stories. All of the stories are based in real life experiences. I may, from time to time, disguise certain aspects of the stories, names, times, places, companies, etc. to protect the innocent.

Don’t get me wrong; I have had great success in commercializing medical devices in a wide range of therapeutic areas. I estimate that those devices produce some $300 million in annual revenue for companies whose names you would recognize immediately. More important to me than the revenue, is that these products serve thousands of physicians and other healthcare professionals every day so they have better tools with which to perform their miracles. Those miracles impact hundreds of thousands of lives each day. Family, friends and humans all over the globe are positively impacted by the work that we all do.

In time, I hope this blog will become a safe sharing site for experiences that, with a bit of insight from the readers, will provide wisdom for those who participate regularly.

Topics that I plan to write about include: pricing strategy, clinical messaging, trade show optimization, market research, positioning, value propositions and many more. With each blog posting I hope to provoke discussion, welcoming your comments.

“Experience is what you get, right after you need it most.”

Make it a great day,

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is the Principal consultant for The Experia Group. A small consulting firm that specializes in providing experience and expertise during critical device commercialization phases to increase the probability of success.

4 thoughts on “Medical Device Marketing Insights Introduction”

  1. History tends to repeat itself… because human nature remains alike through generations. Whether you are dialing through an old-fashion corded landline, or a next gen bendable touch screen, a cold sales call doesn’t get easier at all. For this reason, I highly value experiences, and appreciate how we may improve next time based on what we have learned from the past. Thanks for initiating this online, Tim. I very much look forward to your sharing going forward.

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